Most snoring is caused by a nasal passage reaction to toxins or allergens, which can be anything from pollen to paint fumes, or bacteria to mold.

The nasal passages then produce thick mucus, usually unnoticed, in an attempt to protect the nasal passages, from the toxins or allergens.

Breathing with this thick mucus in your nasal passages, produces the snoring sounds we have come to know.




Tea Tree Essential Oil neutralizes many strains of bacteria, fungi, spores, toxins, allergens, and even viruses.


How to apply Tea Tree to the nasal passages

Place 6 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil, in 1 oz of water, then shake it for a few seconds. This is your anti-snore solution.

Pour this solution into an eyedropper bottle (you can buy empty eyedropper bottles on Amazon.com)

Lie down, and squirt the solution into the back of your nasal passages, exactly as you would use a nasal spray.



Option 2 – for average skin sensitivity

stop snoring by using a q tip

Take a q-tip and wet the tip.

Place one drop of Tea Tree on the tip.

Re-wet the tip, so that the Tea Tree Essential Oil concentrate is thoroughly diluted.

Then: Insert q-tip inside nostril.

Gently lead it as far back as it can go.

Hold for a few seconds.

Repeat in other nostril.

Snorer must do Option 1 or Option 2,  just before going to sleep.


PRECAUTION: If it stings mildly for a few seconds, that’s normal.

If it stings a lot, then you did not dilute the q-tip sufficiently. The antidote to stinging, is milk. Coat the back of your nostrils with  a q tip which has been dipped in milk. Repeat as needed.



It is important to use natural remedies for snoring. Use of antihistamines or other medications, may clear the nasal passages temporarily, but soon after they wear off, you will snore more than before, as medications dry out nasal membranes so excessively, that the body later responds by producing excessive amounts of mucus.

natural remedies for snoring


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