How do Essential Oils work?

Article written by Janice Rosenthal


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Essential Oils have been extracted from: EUC2

flower petals,  fruit skins grasses, tree resin, herbs, rootsleaves, 

tree bark, seeds, twigs,  fruit kernels berries and spices.

Essential Oils are so molecularly fine, that they are able to penetrate the 4 million pores of our skin, all seven layers of skin tissue, and every muscle layer, where they enter the bloodstream, and perform medicinally, much in the same way that any drug would, except without all the awful side effects.



It has been medically proven that certain substances can penetrate the skin.

Trans-dermal or skin patches have been around for decades. The first one ever used, for menopausal symptoms, was so famous that it became known as ‘The Patch.’ The way it worked was that by sticking the patch on your skin, over your ovary areas, you were allowing hormones to pass through your skin, into your bloodstream.

Since then, many patches have come onto the market, from migraine patches to tobacco patches. Recently, the FDA approved a caffeine patch, which allows caffeine to be absorbed by the body, over a period of four hours.



Essential Oils DistillationEssential Oils work similarly to patches, in that they penetrate the skin. They perform similarly to drugs, in the way that they alter the body’s own chemicals, once in the bloodstream.

A distillery extracts the finest plant oils from the plant. These Essential Oils contain hundreds of natural plant substances. For example, Lavender Essential Oil contains over 200 natural phyto-chemicals. Two of these phyto-chemicals, Linalool and Linalyl Acetate, are extremely anti-inflammatory.


How Do You Know Which Essential Oil Companies to Trust?

There are many companies that sell essential oils, but a lot of them are owned and run by people who are not actually Aromatherapists. This may seem alarming, and you are right – it is alarming!

These companies simply sell an entire list of Essential Oils A – Z, not realizing that many of them are toxic, dangerous, and should never be used.

To make matters worse, there are no warnings on their websites, regarding the dangers of even the safe oils, such as is found here, on Garden of Essences website: SAFETY DATA – ESSENTIAL OILS.

An Essential Oil Company should provide extensive knowledge on BLENDING AND APPLYING ESSENTIAL OILS.


Garden of Essences was honored to have been featured on Kelly’s Thoughts On Things, who said the following:

“Essential oils are an endless reservoir of light and nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit. So making sure you, have the proper products is the first step. That’s why you have to get your products from a company you know you can trust, and that company should be Garden of Essences.

Garden of Essence’s Essential Oils are 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. This means they feature no fillers, additives, bases, or carriers added.  

Their collection features over 100 Essential Oils. 

This is an incredible company that recognizes the beneficial effects of none other than Aromatherapy. Their primary purpose is to spread the beauty of Aromatherapy through the focus of nature.

Since Essential Oils have a variety of methods of use, Garden of Essence is here to help. So not only do they take you through the secrets of aromatherapy, they provide you with products to start your own journey to nourishment.

The search for the perfect body nourishment method is officially over. Now you have the chance to take a trip on your own Aromatherapy based journey! So check out all the information.”




These Essential Oil Body Butters are ready for use:

Coconut, Cocoa, & Shea Body Butter

Chamomile Body Butter.

Lavender Body Butter.

Orange Body Butter

Shea Summer Mint Body Butter.



If you would prefer to make your own, homemade Massage Oils and Body Butters, then read our article  Blending and Applying Essential Oils safely.’ You will learn how to blend the ideal amount of Essential Oil into the perfect cream or oil.

The article also teaches you how much product to apply, where to apply it, and how often to apply it.

The above knowledge is extremely important, if essential oils are to work, and to work safely.



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