Home Remedy For Ringworm

This fungus may be hard to get rid of, by using creams from the drugstore, as the chemical ingredients may aggravate the condition.

Its best to use a chemical-free remedy, such as Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils. They kill the fungus completely, not just suppressing it.

12 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil

12 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

2 oz water

Drop the Essential Oils into a 2 oz bottle of water.

Shake before use.

Apply beyond the borders of the ringworm circle, 3 times a day.


1) Ringworm multiplies in damp conditions, which is why applying a ringworm cream, is a bad idea, as the cream keeps the area ‘moist.’

2) Boil any clothing or sheets that have touched the fungus, to prevent spreading to others, or re-infecting.

3) Even though the fungus should be gone after 10 days, apply the remedy for 4 weeks, as some fungi are not visible to the naked eye.

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