How To Cure Dermatitis

Many of us experience skin ‘rashes’ of unknown origin.

There are some creams sold commercially, which are supposed to soothe or eliminate rashes. But most often, they are packed with chemicals and preservatives – which are possibly the very things causing your rash, in the first place.

Garden of Essences provides you with a choice of anti-rash products, all of which are Organic, and therefore free of preservatives and chemicals, which aggravate rashes:

Organic Aloe Shea Whipped Cream Body Butter

Organic Broccolli Carrier Oil

Organic Papaya Seed Carrier Oil

Organic Cucumber Seed Carrier Oil

Organic Hemp Seed Carrier Oil

If you are suffering from a longstanding, unexplained rash, the above anti-rash products are best combined with ‘The Candida Diet.

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