How To Get Rid Of Dry Hand Skin

Many people do not know that there is a layer of dead skin cells, on the surface of the skin, which prevents moisturizers and oils, from penetrating.

As we get older, this layer does not slough off, as quickly as when we were younger. So we need to exfoliate it, but 99% of exfoliators are ineffective.

In all my 20 years as a Beauty Therapist, and having used all the top, high end French product ranges, I have found that the the most stunning effect, to make your hands look at least 10 years younger, is achieved by using chemical free, raw products, made by Nature:

1) Exfoliate, vigorously, in every direction, for a few minutes, with fine, sea salt. (Many celebrities, do this exfoliation daily, but you can try it 2 to 3 times a week.

2) Rinse salt off, then apply a superfood oil, like rosehip, moringa, or cherry oil.

3) Put on disposable plastic gloves, for 5 to 10 minutes, which forces the oil into the deeper layers of the skin.

4) Remove gloves, then apply Coffee Body Butter.

5) About half hour later, apply Cucumber Gel which ‘seals’ in the hydration.



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