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Acne can be one of the hardest things to cure, but often, it is because the ‘cures’ are relying on outdated methods that don’t usually work, such as attempting to dry out the skin, or by using harsh chemicals, such as Retin-A. These can make acne worse, as the dried out skin over-compensates by producing more oil within the skin.

Acne is not caused by having an oily skin! That is why ‘drying it out’ will never be a remedy.


Home Remedy For Acne

If you suffer from persistent acne, recurring vaginal infections, tiredness, headaches, ADHD, mood swings, or digestive disorders, you may have Candida. What might all of these ailments have in common?

The answer is: By having taken antibiotics, your beneficial intestinal flora, have been killed off, along with the bacteria, which the antibiotics were targeting.

Intestinal flora can also be greatly reduced by taking prolonged medications,

Intestinal flora’s function is to break down food, into substances which can be assimilated.

So if you have no or low flora, you are not assimilating much from the food you eat. For example, you could eat ten oranges, and hardly absorb any vitamin C.

So what happens when your body absorbs almost no nutrients? Well, it cannot perform a wide variety of healing and detoxifying functions, hence the acne, and other infections, begin.

When flora are low in number, candida becomes high in number. The overgrowth of the candida fungus, becomes so thick inside certain parts of the intestines, that it literally blocks the absorption of nutrients, much like a wall would.

The candida fungus ‘eats’ into the wall of the intestine, much as a wood fungus eats into the wood. The result is that waste matter which belong in the intestine, leaks through the intestine wall, allowing toxins to discharge into the bloodstream. This can create a wide variety of sickly symptoms, from allergies to auto-immune disorders.

Read further, on how to eliminate acne, by doing the Candida Diet, for lasting clear skin.


Homemade Remedies For Acne

The best way to cure acne, is with Tea Tree Essential Oil, as it is proven to kill over 20 DIFFERENT strains of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, to which your skin becomes vulnerable, when the immunity is low, as in Candida overgrowth.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is not at all drying, which is important, because when you dry out the skin, artificially, it produces even more oiliness than before.

tea tree oil cures acneAnti-acne formula

8 oz spring water, into which you add:

35 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil

35 drops Lavender Essential Oil


Technique:  Wash the face with a mild, non-drying cleanser.

Dry your face with a clean tissue.

Shake Anti-acne formula, before use.

Apply generously to acne areas, using a cotton round.

Repeat the above sequence, 3 times a day.


Why is Rose Hip Oil good for the cleansing the skin?

People think that this new fashion of oil cleansing, is for those of us with dry skin. Its not. Oil cleansing arose, when people became tired of washing their faces with glorified detergent. Detergent face wash strips your natural oils, leaving your skin vulnerable to acne and wrinkles alike.

The concept of oil cleansing makes sense, as the skin contains a lipid (oil) barrier, which should never be disturbed. Instead, you want to simply remove the build up of dirt on your face, and this is done by applying oil, then wiping it off with warm water.

Most oils are too ‘oily’ for this cleansing purpose, including the much touted coconut oil. The reason why Rose Hip Oil is perfect as a cleanser, is that it is one of the few oils known to leave no oily residue, while simultaneously providing a mild exfoliation, if you leave it on for at least 30 minutes.


How does Rosehip Oil help to heal acne scars?

Many scientific studies have sought to determine how exactly Rose Hip Oil achieves the flattening of scars, and the healing of burns. Their results are conclusive on the facts that:

  • The Vitamin A it contains, is in the form of trans-retinoic acid, which is a natural version Tretinoin, and this accounts for the scar reduction results, as new fibroblasts are stimulated in the dermal layers, to produce fresh cells.
  • The unique Vitamin E spectrum, plus Essential Fatty acids of linoleic and linolenic acid, form a bio-active ‘cocktail’, which heals scars and burns. Synthetic Vitamin A, E, and fatty acids, did not yield the same results.


Side Effects of Tretinoin

The form of Vitamin A that Rosehip Oil contains, is trans-retinoic acid, which is a natural version of Retin-A, (marketed as Tretinoin) and this accounts for the scar reduction results, as fibroblasts are stimulated in the skin. This natural ‘Retin-A’ does not have the side effects of synthetic Retin-A, which could be skin peeling, redness, and hyper-pigmentation from going in the sun.


Natural Remedy For Acne

By following all the guidelines above, you can get back that wonderful, clear skin. But avoid these habits:

  • Do not touch your face, as hands carry thousands of bacteria.       
  • Never squeeze or pick at acne spots, as nails carry millions of bacteria.
  • Never squeeze acne, even when wearing gloves, as you will worsen the infection, and cause scars.
  • Never use soap, as soap harbors bacteria.
  • Do not dry your face with a towel as these are full of bacteria. Instead, use a tissue.

My best friend suffered from acne for several years. She tried acne creams, Retin-A, facials, and dietary restrictions, but nothing worked.

She then did the Candida Diet, for 3 weeks, and directly after that, her acne went away completely, and never returned.

So don’t despair – by following the advice in this article, you can get back that perfect clear skin, in a matter of weeks.get rid of acne


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