How To Get Rid Of Candida Yeast Infection

Many women experience candida / yeast infection as a painful, burning condition, finding that drugstore remedies fail to work, in the long term, if at all.

Yeast infections are mainly caused by:

  • Wearing pantyhose, synthetic tights, or tight synthetic leggings, for long periods of time, which causes the area between your legs to sweat, but without the evaporation which cotton allows, the area remains damp for hours, which is the perfect breeding ground for yeast. To prevent this, try to wear only 100% cotton or wool, or at the very least, 100% cotton panties.
  • By having ingested certain substances, outlined below, your beneficial intestinal flora, have been killed off, along with the bacteria, which the antibiotics were targeting.This causes the gut system to become overgrown with candida / yeast, which easily spreads to the vaginal areas. When flora are low in number, candida becomes high in number. The overgrowth of the candida fungus, becomes so thick inside certain parts of the intestines, that it literally blocks the absorption of nutrients, much like a wall would.The candida fungus ‘eats’ into the wall of the intestine, much as a wood fungus eats into the wood. The result is that waste matter, yeasts, and harmful proteins, which belong in the intestine, leak through the intestine wall, allowing toxins to discharge into the bloodstream. This can create a wide variety of sickly symptoms, from yeast infections and allergies, to auto-immune disorders.

    Beneficial intestinal flora can also be greatly reduced by:

  •  Antibiotics – If you take probiotics together with antibiotics, you might be fine.However, if you have taken antibiotics in the past, ( even 20 or more years ago), the damage has spiraled to a point where taking probiotics now, will not have enough of an effect, because you now need to kill off the candida overgrowth. This is done by following the anti-candida diet, for three weeks.

The anti-candida diet is fun to do, and will cause you to lose weight, as an added bonus.

  • Prolonged medications or drugs – Cortisone and long term use of aspirin, are just a few examples of medications which can cause yeast infections. According to many studies ,the balance of candida to flora is easily upset, when taking most drugs, over a long period of time.
  • Toxic residues in tap water – Everyone should use a water filter, or drink only pure, bottled, spring water. Most water utilities comply with all legal limits for chemical contaminants, but this does not mean that the contents within water, are perfect for maintaining the balance of friendly flora to unfriendly candida, in your gut.Some common water pollutants as: disinfectants, arsenic, nitrates, and agricultural pesticides.

The following natural cures for candida infection have proven to work, quickly, and lastingly. Its inexpensive, and its easy, and does not involve messy suppositories.


Natural Remedies For Candida

Fill a large tub with warm water. (The tub should be big enough for you to sit in it. Your legs will hang outside the tub.)

1) Add  about 4 tablespoons of sea salt. Allow the salt to dissolve. Sit in the salty solution for 5 minutes. You can also encourage the water upwards, into your vaginal canal. If it burns slightly, that is fine. If it burns unbearably, make a more diluted solution.

It is a scientific fact, that the candida fungus cannot live in a salty solution, and is instantly killed.

Many women have found that even ONE of these salt water sessions, has cured their vaginal infection  completely.

However, you may repeat the sessions two or three times a day.Quick Cure For Candida is a salt water bath

2)  Repeat the above procedure, but instead of adding salt, add 8 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil.

You could alternate between Tea Tree sessions, and salt water sessions.



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