How To Use Essential Oils Safely During Pregnancy

what seafood to avoid when pregnantMany women do not know that certain Essential Oils can cause a miscarriage. These poor women treat themselves to an aromatherapy massage, only to find that they mysteriously abort, or get warning symptoms which require bed rest.

Having been an Aromatherapist for twenty years, and massaged tens of thousands of women, I have seen this problem first hand, and would like to put the warning out there, so that others do not lose their babies:

Avoid using these oils during pregnancy, as they may cause miscarriage. 

ajowan / angelica / aniseed /  basil / bay / boldo leaf / buchu / calendula / camphor / carrot seed / cedarwood / cinnamon / chamomile / clary sage / clove / coriander / cumin / cypress / dill / eucalyptus / fennel / galbanum / geranium / ginger / horseradish / hyssop / jasmine / juniper / lavandin / lemongrass / marjoram / melissa / myrrh / mugwort / nutmeg / origanum / parsley / pennyroyal / peppermint / rose / rosemary / sage / sassafras / savory / santolina / spearmint / tarragon / thyme (red, white, and sweet) / yarrow.

Avoid in first trimester

chamomile / lavender / lemon / frankincense.

How do Essential Oils Affect Pregnancy?

Essential Oils work similarly to patches, in that they penetrate every layer of the skin. The Oils perform similarly to drugs, in the way that they alter the body’s own chemicals, once in the bloodstream. 

Some of the phyto-chemicals in the oils, alter the hormonal pathways, increasing hormones which can cause miscarriage. Aromatherapists refer to these Essential Oils as abortificants.

Additionally, women should check their body lotions. soaps, and scrubs, for the above Essential Oils.

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