The Ultimate 5 Ways to Detoxify

Feeling as if you need to detox, is often disregarded by the mainstream medical profession, as being ‘in your head’, or as ‘hypochondria’, and even as ‘depression’.

It is none of those things. It is a very real condition, often brought on by exposure to a wide variety of toxins.

The body has simply reached a point of tremendous toxic burden, so the symptoms of muscle aches and fatigue, are natural, under the circumstances.

Sadly, many doctors will say that it is not possible to detox, and dismiss this concept as a New Age myth.

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Article written by Janice Rosenthal


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A. The Candida Diet – healing leaky gut syndrome.

B. The Anti-Parasite Cleanse – half of all Americans have parasites.

C. The Heavy Metal Detox – heavy metals are in hundreds of foods we ingest.

D. The Obesogen Detox – endocrine disruptors are everywhere.

E. The Raw Foods and Vegan Diet – see if giving up flesh foods, makes you feel incredible

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