Unusual Couples Spa Treatments

Couples spa treatments, while on a honeymoon, or simply on vacation, should focus on creative stress-relief, and not necessarily ‘romance’, because no one can be romantic if they carry the stress of their everyday life with them, to their vacation.

So try some of these top couples spa treatments, to truly peel away the layers of stress, and find your inner romantic.

Best Spa treatments for Stress

1 Couples Treehouse Massage

Couples Treehouse Massage is offered amidst tropical trees, after a steam or a bath in a private garden.

Some Couples Treehouse Massages are given in actual treehouses, built up to 18 meters off the ground.
Often, a river will run beneath the treehouse.
Faux Treehouse Massage will be an indoor setting with a real outdoor feel. The treehouse will be built amongst tall faux trees, and the ‘river’ beneath it, will be man-made water-features, and modern amenities.
The idea of being massaged in a treehouse, is inspired by the Hawaiian traditions of healing, where massive tropical trees lend themselves well to supporting a treehouse, and waterfalls abound.
Coconut oil is traditionally used, being one of the most abundant resources of Hawaii, but other tropical oils are also offered, such as palm oil infused with frangipani. 
treehouse massage

2 Couples Volcanic Mud Wraps 

Volcanic mud has been used for centuries by those native to volcanic islands.
In Europe, mud wraps are known as Fangotherapy, because fango, in Italian, means mud. Fangotherapy is offered at top healing resorts, for people with auto-immune disorders such as fibromyalgia, so imagine what it can do for simple muscle tension, which is why these mud wraps are also used in Italian Spas, to treat chronic muscle pain.
Because it is high in natural sulfur, the volcanic ash also heals chronic skin inflammations, leaving your skin feeling deep-cleansed and calm.
Volcanic mud is usually a blend of volcanic ash and mineral water. Sometimes peat is added to the paste.
On a beauty note, because volcanic mud is high in silica, which absorbs into the skin rapidly, it creates a youthful skin, and is recommended to be used often, in order to reduce wrinkles and fine lines of the face, neck, and hands.
However, if money is no object, a full body wrap for 20 minutes, followed by a thorough rinse with purified water, will produce a skin like a baby’s, as volcanic ash is also a natural exfoliator.
There is nothing quite like a couples deep-cleanse, to make you feel entirely refreshed and renewed.
3 Natural Settings Increase Stress Release
Modern man and woman is the epitome of ‘being out of touch with Nature’. Between our digital devices, and office environment, many of us have forgotten the de-stressing power of simple things, such as the sound of a waterfall, and the richness of the oxygenated air, as it fills our lungs.
As we are often so disconnected from nature, we need our couples massage packages to be offered in an environment of nature, as this helps to coax us back to listening, breathing, and paying attention to the small bliss of certain moments.
stress release in nature
4 Bring Your Creativity to the Spa Bar
 Mixology bars provide raw ingredients, which allow the couples to then choose custom made combos. For example, mixing argan oil with green tea extract, and geranium petals, for a unique massage blend designed by you, just for your partner.
custom made massage oils
5 Couples Spa Activities for Bonding
While most spa experiences focus on the passive ‘receiving’ of treatments, a renewed spa trend of ‘being in the moment’ offers yoga / zen packages. An example of this could be, creating a layering effect, of peeling off different layers of stress via:
  • a morning yoga session on the beach (which connects the body to its energy flows)
  • followed by a hot stone massage (which takes you deeper, into the chakras)
  • finished off with a blend of reflexology and shiatsu (which are, at this point, guaranteed to provide some kind of out-of-body experience, or at the very least, a floating sensation.)


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