What Is a Body Butter?

True Body Butter has been pressed from a plant, such as Avocado Body Butter, which is pressed raw, from avocado flesh. It has no water added to it, and is chemical free.

Once you add water to a Body Butter, (which companies do, in order to thin the butter), it will go bad, thus necessitating chemical preservatives.

Many companies, in an attempt to appeal to those of us who love ‘natural products’, sell creams which they name “Body Butter.” But when you look at the ingredients listed on the tub, you will see a long list of chemical additives.

Ironically, these chemical additives, dry out your skin, and may cause chronic dermatitis. If you would like to experience true moisturization, it could be time to try out a real Body Butter, pressed form Mother Nature, who always knows best.


How to Recognize a Real Body Butter (and spot the fakes.)

Garden of Essences has spent years, sourcing the purest Body Butters, from around the world. We encountered many problems, when buying Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and other raw Butters. The problem was, that many of these raw Butters, arrived as a solid block. “Oh!” we said, “no wonder the companies melt these blocks, then add water, to make the Butters usable!”

Many researches later, we discovered that there are some soft butters out there, perfectly ready to be spread, as is.

And the Butters that were not soft enough, could be blended with raw plant oils, creating a creamy spreadability, without the need to add chemicals.

These pure, real, Body Butters, are rich in antioxidant and emollient compounds, taking skin hydration to a level one may not have imagined, is possible.

They can be purchased at Garden of Essences. Try Pomegranate Butter, Mango Butter, or Rosehip Butter, to start. Check out the Ingredients – you will be amazed at the purity.

And read about the wide variety of plant actives, within each Butter, that heal skin problems, like nothing else is able to.

If you would like in depth info on how chemicals in skin products are ruining your health, read “No Preservatives in Our Products.”

Reading the above article, could be one of the most important things you will do, for your health.





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