soapstone diffuser for essential oils

This beautifully carved, soapstone aromatherapy diffuser, consists of a water dish, and a tealight candle-holder area. 
Its filigree cut-outs, allow the candlelight to shine through, in a magical way.
It is 3.75 inches high, and shows exquisite soapstone colors, of high quality.
Place a tealight candle inside the burner unit. 
Add water to the dish on top. 
Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil/s into the water. 
Light the candle.
The heat evaporates or ‘diffuses’ the aroma, into the air.
Diffusing essential oils into the room, by using a burner / diffuser, can have many benefits:
*AIR PURIFICATION – Many off us work in offices, where the air is ‘dead’, meaning that there are no aromas or ions from Nature, filling the air we breathe. Essential oils will fill the air with these elements, clearing the sinuses, deodorizing the room, and uplifting your spirit.
*YOGA AND MEDITATION – Some people do not respond well to burning incense, which may cause the throat to close up, or be overbearingly fake in synthetic scents. 
In these cases, it is preferable to use this diffuser, by adding essential oils, which open the respiratory system, and offer 100% natural aromas. 
Certain oils also enhance concentration, and centering.
*CREATIVE IMPULSE – Burning essential oils, can enhance the creative process of an artist, musician or writer. The oils enter the nasal passages, and diffuse into the brain centers, affecting mood profoundly.
*INSECT REPELLENT – Most commercial insect repellents are packed with toxic chemicals, that can cause skin rashes, and asthma attacks, to name a few. Using an essential oil diffuser, can repel insects, while also enhancing your respiratory health.
*AIR FRESHENER – To eliminate smoky odors, and any other unpleasant smells, use this essential oil burner, and you will never go back to the synthetic smell of commercial air freshener sprays, which contain toxic chemicals.
*AMBIENCE – Create the perfect ambience for massage, dinner parties, or spiritual meetings.
*FRAGRANCE OILS – Of course this diffuser can be used to burn fragrance oils, but these will simply fill the air with a synthetic fragrance, and will have none of the health benefits mentioned above.
ESSENTIAL OILS – An ideal companion to this soapstone diffuser, is our Essential Oils Variety Pack, which contains 6 different Essential Oils.  
Diffuser Instructions: Should you accidentally let the bowl run dry with a candle lit beneath it, do not add water, as It may cause the bowl to crack. 
Blow out the candle, and wait until the bowl has cooled, before adding more water and essential oils.






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