Gift Pack of Six Essential Oils

6 essential oils set

You receive an Essential Oil Set, consisting of 6 premium therapeutic grade oils, beautifully displayed in a sleek, slim, glossy, black box.

Each bottle is 10 ml, so you get a total of 60 ml for $34.32.

Consider buying this Gift Box Set of Essential Oils, as a unique present, for someone with a passion for adding Essential Oils to their baths, or with a love of blending their own aromatherapy massage oils. It makes an unusual Christmas. Birthday, or Valentine’s gift. Or, simply buy it for yourself, and experience the wide variety of benefits for your skin and health.


The Set consists of these Essential Oils

1) Lavender (Lavender stoechas, also called French Lavender) grows along the Mediteranean coast, near beach sand and crystalline rocks, and therefore has a slightly different composition to Lavender angustifolia, because it has a strong respiratory healing capability, possibly due to the fact that it grows near the ocean, which has high concentrations of negative ions. Negative ions are essential for high energy, positive mood and high levels of serotonin in the brain.

Our French Lavender Essential Oil is the strongest painkiller found in nature – use it as a massage oil for: muscle spasm / arthritis / sciatica / headaches.

It increases cell renewal to levels found in youth – scars / abscess / wrinkles / burns.

Anti-inflammatory – calms or cures: eczema / psoriasis / hemorrhoids / diaper rash.

Antifungal – athlete’s foot / ringworm / thrush.

Anti-viral – flu / colds /herpes / shingles / measles.

Antibacterial – acne / cystitis / wounds / boils.

Anti-itch – one drop on an itchy insect bite, and all itching stops.

Anti-anxiety – lavender is Nature’s natural sedative / offers deeper sleep to those who suffer from insomnia.

Lowers high blood pressure – use daily, in correct dosage, and apply to entire body.

Sinus decongestant – also eases asthma / bronchitis.

Safe for babies – colic / sleeplessness – consult our Blending guide for babies.

SPECIAL PROPERTIES – anti-dandruff / anti-lice / anti-halitosis / reduces restless legs.

PRECAUTIONS – Avoid if you have low blood pressure / Avoid in first trimester of pregnancy, or if you are trying to fall pregnant / Avoid if epileptic.



2) Tea Tree AAA Australian (Melaleuca alternifolia) is the highest quality Tea Tree you can obtain.

Extremely Antiseptic / Antibacterial – A study showed that Tea Tree Oil is 20 times stronger than carbolic acid, (which is used to scrub down surgical rooms), yet without any drying effects on the skin. It is useful in any infection, for example: wounds / acne / cystitis.

Extremely Antifungal – treats stubborn Athlete’s foot / candida / ringworm / dandruff, if caused by a fungal infection.

Anti-viral – herpes / chickenpox / warts.

Anti-parasite – treats head lice.

The best remedy for acne is Tea Tree Oil, due to it containing broad spectrum, antibiotic plant actives.

SPECIAL PROPERTIES – Reduces or eliminates snoring, where all other snoring remedies have failed. Apply one drop of tea tree to a q-tip, then a few drops of water over that. Insert q-tip gently, into the deepest parts of your nasal cavities, for a few seconds.

You can also use the above technique to counteract sinus infection.

PRECAUTIONS – On rare occasions, Tea Tree may irritate very sensitive skin, although this is usually due to the use of an inferior grade of tea tree oil.



3) Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) is the best of all eucalyptus species, for coughs, colds and flu, due to high amounts of 1,8 cineole.

Heals body tissues – sprained ligaments and tendons / cuts.

Painkilling – muscle tension / arthritis / lumbago / sciatica / joint pain.

Antiviral – flu / colds / herpes / shingles / measles / warts.

Antifungal – athlete’s foot / thrush.

Antibacterial – cystitis / boils.

Antiseptic – cuts / acne / bites.

Bronchial dilator – coughs / sinusitis.

Diuretic – reduces water retention.

Mucus fluidifier – allows congealed, stagnant mucus or phlegm to flow.

SPECIAL PROPERTIES – may dissolve gallstones / may reduce fever.

PRECAUTIONS – Do not use if you have high blood pressure / Do not combine with Homeopathic remedies / Avoid in pregnancy, or if you are trying to fall pregnant.

essential oils gift pack



4) Lemon (Citrus limonum) – extracted form lemon peels.

Cellulite smoother – tones skin and muscles, while fluidifying fats.

Varicose veins and broken capillaries reducer – due to its astringent properties.

Stimulates the liver and gallbladder – apply to abdomen when nauseous.

Heals acne – especially when blended into Rosehip oil.

SPECIAL PROPERTIES – Hangover helper – apply to liver area, front and back.

PRECAUTIONS – Avoid sun for 12 hours after application / May irritate very sensitive skin.

essential oils variety pack


5) Orange (Citrus sinensis) – extracted from the orange peel of the sweet orange.

Mildly sedating – used in insomnia, anxiety, and muscular tension caused by these.

Subtly uplifting – in cases of mild depression.

Slightly diuretic – eases water retention.

SPECIAL PROPERTIES – Eases constipation – apply to entire abdominal area, front and back, 3 times a day.

PRECAUTIONS – Avoid sun for 12 hours after application.


6) Peppermint (Mentha arvensis), the species we sell, is wild harvested, whereas Mentha piperita is a hybrid. Mentha arvensis has a high menthol content, and a very good “cooling” effect.

Cooling and calming to inflamed skin, especially sunburn, and to inflamed muscles.

One of the most medically advanced ancient cultures, the ancient Egyptians, have documented the use of Peppermint Oil, from nasal relief, to digestive calming. Peppermint Oil has also been found in several Egyptian pyramids.

Peppermint is the most concentrated of all the hundreds of Essential Oils, and is the only oil that is recommended to be used in half the dosage of all other Essential Oils.

Respiratory decongestant – clears sinuses and opens breathing.

Anti-nausea – reduces nausea, indigestion and colic.

Raises low blood pressure.

The “Exam oil” – an excellent oil to increase mental concentration and energy levels.

Repels insects, such as mosquitoes.

Scalp problems – anti-lice / anti-dandruff.

SPECIAL PROPERTIES – Enhances sensual pleasures.

PRECAUTIONS – Do not use if you have high blood pressure / Avoid in pregnancy, or if you are trying to fall pregnant / Do not combine with Homeopathic remedies.


So, if you normally use 12 drops in the bath, instead, use 6 drops.

And, if you normally use 10 drops in 1 oz of carrier oil/body butter, instead, use 5 drops.

By following the above blending doses, you will ensure that Peppermint Oil has the cooling and calming effects, for which it is so famous.

Failure to observe these special instructions, will cause Peppermint Oil to irritate the skin.



Essential oils are concentrates, so never apply them to your skin, unless you have diluted them in a carrier medium, such as vegetable oil, body butter, or water:



ADULT DOSE: TEN drops, per thirty ml milliliters (one ounce) of carrier.

6 TO 12 YEAR OLD : FOUR drops, per thirty ml milliliters (one ounce) of carrier.

3 TO 6 YEAR OLD : TWO drops, per thirty ml milliliters (one ounce) of carrier.

BABY DOSE : ONE drop, per sixty ml milliliters (two ounces) of carrier.



1. Use Body Butters, for massage or moisturizer. Stir Body Butter thoroughly, after oil dropping, using a firm spatula, or a spoon.

2. Use Carrier Oils, for massage or moisturizer. Shake Carrier Oil, for a few seconds, after oil dropping.

3. Use Water as your carrier, for room freshener, facial toner, mouthwash or body spritzer. Shake thoroughly, after oil dropping.

4. For Bath, place 6 to 12 drops in bath, mix evenly through the water, then soak for 15 minutes.

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