Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil

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1.1 oz  / 32 ml      $12.71     ORGANIC.


EXTRACTION – Steam distilled.

Painkilling – arthritis / rheumatism / carpal tunnel / sciatica / muscle strain.

Sedative – anti-anxiety / anti- insomnia.

Regulates sebum – decreases excessive oiliness or dryness of skin.

Antidepressive – lifts the mood.

Anti-fungal – ringworm / athlete’s foot / candida / dandruff.

Calms and may cure dermatitis – psoriasis / eczema / rashes.

Decongestant – clears mucus trapped in the lungs / eases asthma / soothes bronchitis.

Diuretic – gently removes water retention.

Antiseptic – apply wherever sepsis (pus) is present / treats cystitis.

Used for thousands of years – Ancient Egyptian used Cedarwood oil for embalming.


SPECIAL – Aphrodisiac, especially for men / clears away negativity.


PRECAUTIONS – Do not use if pregnant, or if trying to fall pregnant.

Please dilute Essential Oils into our Carrier Oils or Body Butters, before use. Before using any Essential Oils, read our Articles: Blending and Applying Essential Oils safely.’ and SAFETY DATA: Do not use these Essential Oils if the following apply to you.

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