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cucumber gel is cooling and calming and hydratingYou know that refreshing feeling when you splash water on your face? Haven’t you always wanted it to last? Well, Cucumber Gel is just that. One minute your face feels dehydrated and has that tight, pulling feeling. Then you apply Cucumber Gel, and you feel as if your skin is instantly hydrated and supple. Calmed and cooled. Deep lines are softened. Superficial lines magically vanish, instantly.

Dehydrated skin occurs due to central heating, and cold temperatures in Winter, but also air conditioning, and sun exposure in Summer.

There are other Cucumber gels on the market, but 99% of them are packed with chemicals. Not only are these toxic chemicals absorbed into your cells, but you are left with chemicals on your skin, which creates a dry skin problem.

cucumber eye gelGarden of Essences Cucumber Gel is organic and preservative free. There are absolutely no chemicals in this product, and that includes no artificial fragrances or dyes. It is formulated without parabens, petroleum, phthalates, alcohols, EDTA, propylene glycol, nor any of the other chemicals we can’t pronounce, found in skin products.

Its important to buy only organic Cucumber Gel, as non-organic cucumbers absorb pesticides like a sponge, which are then transferred to your skin, creating rashes, ‘allergies’, and dry skin.


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Full Ingredients: 100% Organic Cucumber Gel. No other ingredients.

Organic Cucumber Gel is made from organically grown farm fresh cucumbers. Cucumber Gel is then extracted from the pure Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber Seeds), producing a gel that is a naturally pale green color, with a light crisp aroma of cucumbers.

hydrating cucumber gel organicCucumber gel is ultra-hydrating, and the fact that it is 100% pure, means that people with very sensitive skins can use it. In fact, it cools and calms rosacea, and is one of the few products a person suffering from rosacea, may safely use.

In fact, anyone suffering from redness or irritated skin, will find immediate relief from Cucumber Gel.

It instantly cools and soothes sunburn, creating refreshing relief to the skin, by reducing inflammation.


Our organic Cucumber Gel is one of the few eye products on the market, that can be used all the way up to the edge of the eye, without causing any eye irritation. Finally, an under eye gel and an eyelid gel in one, that can ease those fine eye lines, and crow’s feet.


cucumber slices reduce puffy eyesEveryone has heard of placing freshly sliced cucumbers over your eyes, to reduce puffiness. Cucumber Gel feels like you have cooling cucumbers over your eyes, and gets to work to reduce puffiness right away.  Its Vitamin C and caffeic content reduce swelling and de-puff eye bags.

For an extra anti-inflammatory effect, place Cucumber Gel in the fridge, for at least an hour, then apply to eye area for a super refreshing and cooling sensation!

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it the perfect aftershave application, for both men and women. It is highly recommended for rashes, from nappy rash to sun rash.

Cucumber Gel is prized for dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, acne, dry lips and very dry hands, as it is rich in tocotrienols and tocopherols (active Vitamin E spectrums). It also contains five different types of fatty acids.

Organic Cucumber Gel contains the four S’s – silicon, silica, sulfur, and sterols, all of which powerfully restructure the skin tissues.

Cucumber Gel has very similar properties to Aloe Vera Gel, which is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

organic cucumber under eye gelFor those of you who prefer to complete your skin routine with a face cream, use Cucumber Gel as a 20 minute mask, rinse with water, then apply your cream. Your skin will feel softer than ever.

Gel hydration is different to using face creams. Some people’s skins are lacking in oil, in which case, a face cream is a good solution. But other people’s skins are lacking in water, and this is when a hydrating gel can give you the results you have been searching for. Cucumber is high in humectants, which draw moisture to the skin, locking it in all day.

Cucumber Gel will leave your skin with an illuminated glow. Try this experiment: Apply the gel to only one side of your face. Wait about 15 minutes, then compare the two sides of your face, in the mirror. The side that has no gel on it, will look dull and tired, while the gel side will look radiant and firm.

With regular use, this Cucumber jelly will reduce pore size, and skin tone will vastly improve, thanks to rare minerals, flavonoids, and polyphenol antioxidants, found in organic Cucumber Gel. Combine this with all the above benefits, and a plumped, youthful glow will be yours, with hydration levels not found in most products – a natural wrinkle prevention formulation, without the need for greasy creams.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Cucumber Gel. No other ingredients.

This 100% non-toxic Gel can also be used on the neck, and other crepey areas of the body.

100 ml  /  $27.49

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Article written by Janice Rosenthal


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