Organic Jojoba Body Butter


4 oz / 113 g        $13.64

Ingredients: EXPELLER PRESSED from organic Jojoba Seeds. NO PRESERVATIVES.

This ‘liquid wax’ is almost identical to the oil which our skin produces, so it keeps skin plump, hydrated and supple.

Jojoba’s close resemblance to our own natural oils, makes Jojoba Butter readily absorbed. It penetrates deeply into the pores of the skin, promoting a glowing complexion, and a youthful skin tone.

Out of over 350,000 plant species, jojoba seeds are the only ones which produce a wax-like substance, when pressed, not an oil.

Jojoba’s ‘liquid wax’, spreads as a soft, silky butter on the skin.

Alpha, delta, and gamma forms of Vitamin E, counteract free radicals, and heal damaged skin.

Jojoba Butter is rich in Omega 9 (Oleic acid), which boosts the lipid (oil) content of the skin, and repairs the skin’s barrier function. This helps protect delicate skin.

Omega 9  improves moisture levels, and helps the skin retain its own moisture, leading to improved softness, hydration, and elasticity.

Skin application of Omega 9 is particularly beneficial to dry skin conditions such as eczema, and during extreme weather conditions, such as cold and wind, both of which can strip away at the skin’s lipid barrier.

The best moisturizer for extremely dry skin is Jojoba Body Butter, due to its ready absorption, and similarity to our skin’s own oils.



This Body Butter is: Free of parabens, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin, all of which are harmful to the skin and toxic to the body. For an in depth article on what we mean by PRESERVATIVE FREE, read our article “No Preservatives in our Products”.

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