Organic Juniper Berry Essential Oil

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1.1 oz / 32 ml     $27.80    ORGANIC.

PART OF PLANT – Berries.

EXTRACTION – Steam distillation.

THIS IS VASTLY SUPERIOR to the Juniper Essential Oil which is extracted from NEEDLES AND WOOD.

  • The number one ANTI-CELLULITE essential oil:

1) Strongly diuretic.

2) Liver tonic, which breaks up fats.

3) Hormonal regulator.

4) Stimulates sluggish lymphatics, to drain toxins away.


  • ANTI-HANGOVER – due to its liver toning.


  • DERMATITIS HEALING INCLUDES: weeping eczema / acne / psoriasis / rashes.


SPECIAL  – Helps  to eliminate uric acid, thus alleviating gout, arthritis, and sciatica.



a) Avoid if you are pregnant, or trying to fall pregnant.

b)  Use no more than once a day over entire body, as excessive use may over-stimulate the kidneys. (For cellulite applications, you may use it three times a day, on the affected areas. )

Please dilute Essential Oils into our Carrier Oils or Body Butters, before use. Before using any Essential Oils, read our Articles: Blending and Applying Essential Oils safely.’ and SAFETY DATA: Do not use these Essential Oils if the following apply to you.

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