Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil

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1.1 oz / 32 ml        $18.02       ORGANIC.

PART OF PLANT – Leaves from Lemongrass.

EXTRACTION – Steam Distilled.

Energizingnot to be used near bedtime, but used during the day, is highly stimulating.

Increases circulation – tired feet / aching muscles / chilblains / cramp.

Anti-acne decreases excess oiliness / reduces pore size / treats acne.

Antiseptic – cystitis / bronchitis.

Antifungal athlete’s foot.

Toning – anti-cellulite / tones muscles.


SPECIAL – Aids the flow of milk in nursing mothers. Apply to front and back of body, twice a day, excluding nipples. / Decreases excess perspiration, when applied to entire body.


PRECAUTIONS – Avoid sun for 12 hours after application / May irritate very sensitive skin / Avoid in pregnancy, or if you are trying to fall pregnant.

Please dilute Essential Oils into our Carrier Oils or Body Butters, before use. Before using any Essential Oils, read our Articles: Blending and Applying Essential Oils safely.’ and SAFETY DATA: Do not use these Essential Oils if the following apply to you.

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