Organic Peach Kernel Carrier Oil

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16 oz / 473 ml          $39.37

PEACH KERNEL OIL – extracted from the soft kernel of the peach pit

                                          ORGANIC / COLD PRESSED.

Peach Oil is often the main ingredient in expensive face creams, as it nourishes skin with natural Vitamins A and E, which are antioxidants that prevent and reduce wrinkles.

Enhances suppleness of the skin, by means of its high fatty acid content.

If you have super-sensitive, allergy-prone skin, then this is the oil for you.

Gentle enough for the delicate skin of babies.

It is absorbed deeply, leaving no greasy film.

Apply to slightly damp skin, and watch those fine lines disappear. Used regularly, even the most dehydrated skin will feel plumped up with moisture.

Anti-inflammatory properties calm eczema and psorasis.

This makes it a superb anti-aging oil, to be used twice a week, after exfoliating.

Our Vegetable Oils are: Extracted through cold pressed methods. We do not employ the use of solvent, hexane or alcohol extraction. We do not stock oils that have been processed through heat intensive hydraulic extraction, as these methods produce unhealthy oils, that lack the qualities we require for skin rejuvenation and health.

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