Organic Tangerine Essential Oil

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1.1 oz / 32 ml    $19.74    ORGANIC.

PART OF PLANT – Peel & fruit.

EXTRACTION – Steam distillation.

ANTI-ANXIETY – soothes the nervous system,

encourages joy & happiness.

ANTI-SPASMODICrelaxes muscle spasms / reduces fluid retention / promotes lymphatic and blood circulation.


TONIC EFFECTS ON DIGESTION – treats: dyspepsia / gastritis / flatulence / hiccoughs (hiccups) / indigestion.


SPECIAL – Many Aromatherapy experts describe Tangerine Essential Oil to be the safest for use on children. / As it can be safely used during pregnancy, it is one of the finest oils to prevent stretchmarks.


PRECAUTIONS – Avoid sun for 12 hours after application.

Please dilute Essential Oils into our Carrier Oils or Body Butters, before use. Before using any Essential Oils, read our Articles: Blending and Applying Essential Oils safely.’ and SAFETY DATA: Do not use these Essential Oils if the following apply to you.

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