Organic Unrefined Cold Pressed Ojon Oil Undiluted



Article written by Janice Rosenthal


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INGREDIENTS: Organic Unrefined Cold Pressed Ojon Oil.
Undiluted. No other ingredients.

Ojon Oil comes from the nuts of Ojon palm trees that grow from the Caribbean to the north of Brazil, to the Amazon Rainforest.

Our Ojon Oil is sustainably harvested, uplifting the workers, economically.

Extracted from fruits of the Caiaue Tree. ‘Ojon’ is the Miskito name for this palm. The Miskito are a Native American ethnic group in
Central America.

Harvested by hand from the Ojon tree nut in the Central American rainforest, Ojon Oil has been used by the local people, for hundreds of years. They also call it Caiajon Oil, which has been shortened to Ojon Oil.

This restorative Unrefined Caiaue Oil is cold pressed from the nut of the Amazonian palm.

Known as the palm species Elaeis melanoccoca, and recently renamed Elaeis oleifera, the oil from this palm, helps promote hair elasticity, which translates into “anti-aging for your hair”.

Elaeis oleifera is a species of palm commonly called the American Oil Palm. It is native to South and Central America, from Honduras to northern Brazil.

Ojon Oil is nothing like cheap palm oil, nor is it the same as red palm oil, in its nutrient profile or color, or in its effects on hair.

Ojon Oil has a nutty scent, and is rich in amino acids and lauric acid with anti-fungal properties, providing relief to itchy scalp.

Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties are an excellent herbal remedy for treating scalp problems, such as scaliness, dandruff and hair loss which is due to bacterial and fungal causes.

Ojon Oil stimulates and regenerates hair follicle cells, reconditioning the deepest part of the hair shaft.
It helps promote thicker, shinier hair, which has been damaged by hair dye, and heat, by enhancing natural keratin in the hair shaft.

Ojon Oil’s large amount of carotenoids, are Beta-carotene (54.8%) and Alpha-carotene (40.38%), which are responsible for the strong red-brown color. Ojon Oil has a similar composition to hair keratin.
Fragile hair can be well restored by Ojon Oil.

It is a heavy, richly emollient oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, best used for chemically treated, damaged or dry, frizzy hair. It can be added to your shampoo, conditioner and masks, or can be used pure as a hot oil treatment.

It can be used preventatively, before going to the beach or pool. Apply Ojon Oil mostly at the ends, before going out into the harsh sun, salty ocean, or chlorine pool water.


Yes. Ojon Oil can also be used in skin care, thanks to the presence of the carotenoids and other nutrients mentioned, above.

Linoleic and oleic acids provide that radiant glow. Due to its high content of antioxidants, Caiaué Oil can be used as a day moisturizer, as well as a night oil treatment for lines and wrinkles.

Organic, Cold Pressed, UNREFINED, Extra Virgin, Ojon Oil  helps promote hair elasticity, which translates into “anti-aging for your hair”.

This oil holds its natural color, and aroma.
It is 100 % pure, and the most premium quality Ojon Oil. No heat, bleach, or chemicals are applied during the cold pressing, or at any other time.


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HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN OJON OIL FORMULATIONS _________________________________________________________________________________________

Of course, you can use Ojon Oil as is, or you can blend it 5% to 50% into your hair conditioners, hair masks,hair balms, face creams, massage cremes, masks, or massage oils.

Add Ojon Oil to your other formulations, such as rollerball serums, body lotions, hand creams, body butters, lip balms, scrubs or soaps.

If using Ojon Oil as a carrier oil, add Essential Oils:

~Add FIFTEEN DROPS of essential oil, per 50 ml of Apricot Oil, for body use.

~Add TWO to THREE DROPS of essential oil, per 50 ml of Apricot Oil, for facial use.


All our oils are fresh and bottled daily. Expiration date is at least 12 months from sale date.

Ships in BPA-free, food-grade bottles.

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Article written by Janice Rosenthal

Owner and gardenofessences on etsy

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