Pear Seed Oil’s Sterols Increase Collagen & Decrease Inflammation

Not to be confused with Prickly Pear Seed Oil, this Pear Seed Oil is pressed from the pear fruit which all of us eat, on a regular basis, which can be found in any supermarket. Pear Seed Oil, however, is extremely rare. Although it shares many of the same nutrients as Apple Seed Oil, it is unique in the following ways:

Lab analysis of Pear Seed Oil shows that:

γ-tocopherol was the main Vitamin E type, and constituted a huge 88 %.

Recent studies indicate that γ-tocopherol (a potent, natural form of Vitamin E) may be important to skin tissue health, because it possesses unique features, that distinguish it from other Vitamin E tocopherol forms:-

γ-Tocopherol appears to be a more effective trap for skin lipid oils, than α-tocopherol.

γ-Tocopherol is excellently absorbed, and accumulates to a significant degree in skin tissues, which then causes a prolonged oil-hydration of the skin.

The β-sitosterol constituted 83% of total sterol content. Plant sterols boost epidermal moisture, are strong antioxidants, and boost collagen production.

This sterol is highly anti-inflammatory, and is currently being studied regarding its ability to prevent hair loss.

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