Ruby Gem Crystal Spray in Rose Hydrosol

8 oz / $39.50  

Spray your face and chest area with Infused Ruby Gem Elixir, to experience aura cleansing, heart chakra therapy, and root chakra energizing.

aura sprayRuby Gem Elixir Crystal Spray, is infused in an Organic Rose Hydrosol Mister, and is used both as a chakra spray, and as a skincare product.

Benefits of Ruby Crystal Infusion Mister

1) Emotional – Ruby allows the sharing of loving energy, despite past hurts, It opens the heart.

2) Sexual – Ruby is an aphrodisiac, allowing one to experience all forms of love. It increases desire and sexual energy, and may be used to activate the kundalini.

3) Mental – Ruby’s intense energy, sharpens the mind, bringing heightened awareness, a sense of power, and excellent concentration.

4) Physical – Ruby strengthens muscles, overcomes exhaustion, stimulates circulation, and amplifies energy.

5) Chakras – The Base chakra, which is located at the Perineum / Prostrate, is associated with the testes / ovaries. This chakra controls the entire physical body.

Ruby stimulates the Base Chakra, increasing vitality and chi, the life-force energy, throughout the physical body, which inter-connects with each chakra.

The Base chakra responds to the color red. So Ruby plus Rose hydrosol, resonates with the pink-red color spectrum of chakras.

6) Aura – Ruby is what is known as a Master healing stone, which means that it works on all chakras. This allows the entire aura to be healed.

There are only 4 precious stones on Earth – Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire, and Emerald. All other gems are termed ‘semi-precious.’

Precious Stone Ruby Extract in Rose Water, is one of the most powerful chakra sprays you can find.

7) Cleansing – When you are around sick people, your physical and auric body can become drained and displaced. Spraying Ruby Essence on your face and chest, can give an astounding, rapid cleansing sensation.

Full Ingredients: Ruby Extract, in Organic Rose Water (made from Organic Bulgarian Rose, Rosa damascena) and kimchi extract.

How our Ruby Elixir is made:

*Sieving of milled ruby material, to obtain proper particle size.
*Aqueous extraction at Specific pH and Temperature, for Specific Duration,
*Addition of natural Kimchi extract, for preservation.
*Filtration, to ensure no sediment.

This means that our Ruby Essence has direct contact with water, whereas many companies wrap the gem, so that it never touches the water, which only allows vibrational transfer.

Uses of Ruby Elixir

Other than using it for your own personal spritzing, as needed, you can add essential oils to Ruby Elixir, to create a further dimension of healing, to this crystal spray.

The essential oil that goes best with this blend of Ruby and Rose, is Geranium Rose, but feel free to try others.

A maximum of 24 drops of essential oils, may be added, but remember to close your eyes when you spritz your face, if essential oils have been added.

What is Rose Hydrosol?

~Rose Hydrosol, by itself, is normally used as a body mist, to calm and soothe the emotions, during times of depression and grief.

~Ours is a true Rose Hydrosol, (also known as a Distillate, or a Floral Water), where the steam which condenses back into water, is collected during the steam distillation of rose petals, while creating rose essential oil.

~Rose Hydrosol is the ultimate facial toner, causing the skin to soften and tone in a way that is almost impossible to achieve using commercial toners, which are packed with chemicals. The addition of Ruby Essence, can transform a dull, dry skin, into a vibrant, hydrated skin.

~To reduce eye puffiness, put some Ruby Rose Hydrosol on a cotton pad, and gently place it on your eyes. It will help sooth the skin around your eyes, and reduce eye puffiness.

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