Whats the difference between Carrot Seed Essential Oil and Carrot Oil?

Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil is extracted via steam distillation.

Carrot Seed Oil is a cell tissue regenerator, so its an important ingredient in any anti-aging homemade facial oil, due to its ability to increase elasticity and skin tone.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil has a detoxifying effect on the liver – useful in nausea, hangovers, and sluggish liver conditions. After blending it into a carrier oil or cream, massage it over the entire abdomen, then wait for it to be absorbed. within half an hour.

Diuretic – It relieves fluid retention, which can be a great relief, as excess water carried in the body can make one feel heavy and tired. Removing excess water, can also reduce your weight.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil detoxifies accumulated toxins in muscles and joints – so its good for arthritis, gout, and rheumatism, and as an after-workout release.

Antiseptic, antiviral and antioxidant properties make Carrot Seed Essential Oil one of the top remedies for skin problems such as dermatitis / eczema / rashes / psoriasis / weeping sores / ulcers / boils / carbuncles.

This is an Essential Oil, extracted from the seeds of wild carrots.

So please, do not confuse it with the cheaper CARROT OIL, which is a diluted Carrier Oil, which is made by infusing whole carrots in a base oil, and then filtering out the carrot material.

SPECIAL – Its said to help in the recovery from jaundice.

PRECAUTIONS – Do not use if you are pregnant, or if trying to fall pregnant. 

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