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No Preservatives in Our Products

There are no preservatives, chemicals, artificial aromas, or synthetic colorants, in  GARDEN OF ESSENCES  Body Butters, Carrier Oils, or Essential Oils. GARDEN OF ESSENCES only sells Body Butters, which have no water (aqua) added to them. Why? Because once you add water to a Body Butter, it will go bad, thus necessitating chemical preservatives. Try our Organic […]

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Blending and Applying Essential Oils

ALWAYS DILUTE ESSENTIAL OILS Essential oils are concentrates, so never apply them to your skin, unless you have diluted them in a carrier medium, such as vegetable oil, body butter, or water: ESSENTIAL OIL DOSAGE FOR DIFFERENT AGES ADULT DOSE:  TEN DROPS per thirty milliliters (one ounce) of carrier. 6 TO 12 YEAR OLD : […]

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