Sinusitis can range from just having an annoying blocked nose, to experiencing an intense headache. The intensity of the experience, depends upon which sinus cavities are blocked, and the amount of mucus that is blocking them.

Home made sinus remedy

remedies for sinusitis

To 4 oz water, add:

18 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

18 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Shake before use.

Pour a little of the formula onto your finger, or onto a q-tip, then apply it to the inside of your nostrils, generously, as far back as you can reach in the nasal cavity. Repeat several times a day.

In addition, you can open a Peppermint Essential Oil bottle, or a Eucalyptus Essential Oil bottle, and, holding the bottle half an inch from your nostril, inhale slowly and deeply, while blocking the other nostril with your finger. Repeat several times, with both nostrils.



The first most common cause of blocked sinus passages, is when nasal passages react to toxins or allergens, which can be anything from pollen to paint fumes, or bacteria to mold.

The nasal passages then produce thick mucus, usually unnoticed, in an attempt to protect the nasal passages, from the toxins or allergens.

If you suspect that this is the cause, try to analyze which toxin or allergen it could be, then avoid it. It could be a new detergent, a freshly painted room, new couches, perfume…the list is very long.

The second most common cause of sinusitis, is a sensitivity to dairy products. Try an elimination diet, then gradually re-introduce cheese, note the reaction, then milk, note the reaction, and so on.

The third cause of blocked sinuses, falls under a general category, which only you will be able to figure out: Have you been around cigarette smoke? Have you started a new medication? Do you eat a lot of refined flour foods? Investigate your environmental and dietary habits, for clues.


NATURAL REMEDIES FOR SINUSITIStea tree remedy for sinusitis

Tea Tree Essential Oil neutralizes many strains of bacteria, fungi, spores, toxins, allergens, and even viruses. It opens the breathing passages.

How to apply Tea Tree to the nasal passages

Option 1 – for sensitive skin

Place 8 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil, in 1 oz  of water. Shake. 

Place your finger in this solution, then place this finger inside the nostrils, coating well.


Option 2 – for average skin sensitivity

stop snoring by using a q tip

Take a q-tip and wet the tip.

Place one drop of Tea Tree on the tip.

Re-wet the tip, so that the Tea Tree Essential Oil concentrate

is thoroughly diluted.

Then: Insert q-tip inside nostril.

Gently lead it as far back as it can go.

Hold for a few seconds.

Repeat in other nostril.



It is best to combine all the above remedies and approaches, if you would like to cure your sinusitis permanently. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Your remedies for sinusitis could be as simple as cutting out milk, and refusing to be around smokers.



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