How To Get Rid Of A Hangover

A hangover is felt in the head, and this is caused by expanded blood vessels in the head, pressing on nerves, which creates pain and pressure. Alcohol is a vasodilator, and this is why the vessels dilate.

Secondly, a hangover is felt in the liver area, causing nausea or pressure, in the upper abdominal region, and this is caused by the liver working overtime, in an attempt to remove the alcohol, which the liver interprets as a toxin, or poison.

So, to effectively get rid of a hangover, one needs to address both the head, and the liver concerns.


Liver Detox for a Hangover


A. This is a powerful home remedy, which works rapidly to detoxify the liver, as the Essential Oils permeate the skin, and reach the liver’s bloodstream directly, and within half an hour.

15 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil  – which detoxifies the liver.

15 drops Fennel Essential Oil – which detoxifies the blood.

Mix the above drops into 4 oz Shea Body Butter. Stir thoroughly for several minutes, using a knife.

Rub one tablespoon of this formula, over the upper abdomen, and sides of the body.

Also, apply one tablespoon to your back, from your shoulder-blades down to your lower back.

Within half an hour, you will be amazed at the difference in how you feel!


B. Take 600 mg to 1,000 mg of Milk Thistle capsules, 3 times a day. This is such a potent liver detoxifier, that you may forget that you had a hangover, after an hour or two.


C. Drink warm soup, and add as much sea salt to it, as you can handle. The natural electrolytes and minerals in sea salt, which the alcohol has removed, replenishes the blood.


DIY Remedies for a Head Hangover

Now to stop the blood vessels in your head, from being dilated.

A.  Very few natural substances on earth, cause blood vessels to constrict, but Lemon Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oils achieve just that. Here is the recipe for your head hangover:

Blend 7 drops of Lemon Essential Oil, plus 7 drops of Lavender Essential Oil into 2 oz Shea Body Butter. Stir thoroughly with a knife, for several minutes.

Apply the cream to the back of your neck, up int your scalp, behind your ears, and front throat areas. The Essential Oils will travel through the blood circulation of the head area, rapidly, counteracting the dilated blood vessels, so that they no longer press on your nerves.

Lavender Essential Oil also removes the inflamed,’ hot neck’ experience.


B. Apply an ice pack to the back of your neck, for 15 minutes. The ice pack will also cause the vessels to return to their normal size, and counteract the inflamed sensation.


Good luck with these natural cures for hangovers. They are so much better than taking drugs, as the drugs put a further strain on your liver, which can be dangerous to your health.


I was thrilled to be quoted in Honey Colony’s article:

Alcohol Detox: 10 Natural Ways To Be Healthier After Boozin’

in which I advised:

“The first stages of your detoxification process will likely include fighting withdrawal. Janice Rosenthal, owner of Garden of Essences and aromatherapy expert, suggests using organic essential oils to soothe your experience. She recommends mixing 15 drops of grapefruit oil (which detoxifies the liver), 15 drops of fennel oil (which detoxifies through the kidneys, skin, and digestive tract), and 4 ounces of Shea body butter and applying it to your upper abdomen, sides, and back. “This is a powerful home remedy, which works rapidly to detoxify the liver, as the essential oils permeate the skin and reach the liver’s bloodstream directly within half an hour,” Rosenthal explains.”


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