Many doctors will say that you cannot get rid of varicose veins. But there are ways to reduce the bulge size, and to prevent more from forming. So when you ask the question “How do you get rid of varicose veins?” think more in terms of reducing the protrusions, and preventing a worsening appearance. With a reduction in bulging, combined with tanned, toned leg muscles, you can have sexy legs again.



5 drops Lemon Essential Oil

15 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

5 drops Geranium Essential Oil

5 drops Lavender Essential Oil

4 oz Cucumber Carrier Oil

Shake before use.

Apply to varicose veins, and several inches around the veins.

Avoid exposing the area to sun, for 12 hours, if you have included Lemon Essential Oil in your blend.

This formula may both reduce pain and swelling of the veins, over a period of several months, but for better results, the best natural remedy for varicose veins is a multi-faceted approach.



Home remedies for varicose veins, work well,  possible if you combine strategies:

Avoid sitting cross-legged.

Avoid constipation, as pressure build-up can press on veins, which run from your abdomen to your feet.

Avoid standing all day. If your job demands it, try to take walks during your breaks.

Exercise regularly – keep that circulation flowing!

Eat a diet high in whole foods, and include as many raw foods as possible. These are anti-inflammatory, and prevent constipation.

Maintain a weight that is within normal range.

Avoid excessive alcohol.

Drink six to eight glasses of Spring water per day (not faucet water.)

Strengthen the walls of your veins, by eating raw fruits and vegetables, which contain compounds like rutin, which directly strengthens the walls of the veins.

If your day has not included raw foods, take a supplement for varicose veins, which will include such things as gotu kola, pycnogenol, flavonoids, and horse chestnut.

Do not smoke cigarettes – this is the most important one. Read why smoking affects your veins, at ‘Lower High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Naturally.’ (under ‘cigarettes’.) Remember: Your veins are affected by the quality of your blood. Highly toxic blood, will inflame and disfigure your veins.

Use the Essential Oils natural cure for varicose veins, above, regularly. This homemade remedy for varicose veins is a powerful oil.

Whenever possible, elevate your legs. for several minutes per session.elevate legs to reduce varicose veins


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