How to Make DIY Air Freshener Toxin Free

Many store-bought Air Fresheners are made from synthetic ingredients, which are known to irritate lungs and eyes.

When you read the ingredients listed on the can, you will commonly see formaldehyde, a known cancer causing substance.

You will also see dichlorobenzene, which is a phthalate known to harm the unborn fetus, and small children. It can kill small pets, such as birds, and harm other pets, such as dogs and cats, to the point that they develop health issues in eyes, lungs and skin. When you inhale this, you are inhaling the pesticide DDT.

Sadly, manufacturers are not required to write the word ‘phthalate’. Instead it is allowed to be listed as perfume, parfum, or fragrance!

No safety tests are required to be conducted by health authorities, leaving air freshener manufacturers free to pack cheap, waste products into their cans, petroleum being yet another example.

If you use air freshener regularly, you should know that this could explain many strange symptoms you or your family have been having. Watering eyes, asthma, mucus membranes too dry or too wet, allergies, and nausea, are just some of the problems caused by air fresheners.

Aerosol cans contain propellants such as butane, and these can cause similar symptoms to those listed above.

These chemicals are all cumulative, which means they accumulate in your cells. Many years of use can even lead to serious health problems such as reproductive disorders or cancers.

It is so easy to make a homemade non-toxic Air Freshener, that is truly natural, and healthy!HOME REMEDIES FOR AIR FRESHENER



To eliminate smokey, stale odors:

30 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Drop Essential Oil into 4 oz water, into a spritzer bottle.

Spray when needed, but avoid your eyes.


To make your room smell like heaven:

10 drops Orange Essential Oil

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

10 drops Geranium Essential Oil

Drop Essential Oils into 4 oz water, into a spritzer bottle.

Spray when needed, but avoid your eyes.


Once you have used your own homemade air freshener, you will probably feel repelled and nauseated every time you inhale a commercial air freshener, and wonder how you ever liked that scented ‘cockroach spray.’

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