Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Your body may be holding up to 20 lbs in excess water, so that scalehow do you know if weight is just water retention of yours, may be telling you that you are 20 lbs overweight, when in fact, most of the ‘weight’ could be water retention, which means weight loss can be quick.



Try to establish the cause of the water retention. If you have ruled out anything serious, such as heart disease, diabetes, or thyroid problems, you could find the cause here:

Excess salt – anything over one teaspoon per day (including salt within packaged and canned foods) is enough to cause water retention.

Note that packaged foods normally use the word ‘sodium’, instead of salt. One teaspoon of salt is equal to 2,000 mg of sodium. One of the best changes you can make, regarding how to get rid of water retention, is to reduce your salt intake.

Toxins – preservatives in food and drinks are a major contributor to water retention, because the body’s cells try to protect themselves, by retaining water around each cell.

Organic food Learn about which foods are making you retain water, and why.

Medication – is often viewed by the body, as a toxin, so the cells retain water to protect themselves.

Allergy – the allergen is viewed by the body, as a toxin, so the cells retain water to protect themselves.

Candida – you may have water retention due to an excess of candida in your body. If you suspect this is the cause, read The Candida Diet.


Natural Diuretics for Weight Loss

Essential Oils to reduce weight caused by water retention – natural diuretics:

10 drops Juniper Berry Essential Oil

10 drops Fennel Essential Oil

10 drops Geranium Essential Oil

10 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

Blend the above drops into 4 oz of any Carrier Oil.

Shake before use. Apply to affected areas 2 or 3 times a day, or entire body once a day.



The best natural remedy for water retention, is the Essential Oils list above. Remember that you will only lose weight with  homemade remedies for water retention, if the weight is caused by water.

Another quick way to shed excess pounds, whatever the cause, is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

best weight loss foods

quick weight loss

When people ask how to cure water retention, the best answer is to combine Essential Oils with a diet consisting of whole plant foods, and exercise. This combination is the best home remedy for water retention.

Note: If the cause of your water retention is pregnancy, please readSAFETY DATA’ to establish which oils should not be used during pregnancy.

Water weight loss using Essential Oils and Whole Plant Foods, is fast, and can be achieved in a matter of weeks, especially if combined with The Candida Diet, which is not a calorie restricted diet.


How to get past your diet plateau

You’ve hit that diet plateau. The last 10 to 20 pounds just won’t come off.


Another quick way to shed excess pounds, whatever the cause, is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, WHICH HAVE THE HIGHEST POTASSIUM CONTENT. Why?

Each cell in your body contains a potassium to sodium balance.

When the sodium content is too high, the cells retain water!

Other than lowering your sodium intake, a crafty way to outwit your cells, is to eat foods that are extremely high in potassium, because this causes the cells to let go of sodium, thus reducing water retention, and consequently, reducing excess weight. A full list of the foods that are highest in potassium, is found below.



Special precautions in reducing fluid retention

Do not take potassium tablets, as it can be dangerous to take synthetic potassium, which can cause heart palpitations, or fainting. Natural potassium, in foods, is not dangerous, and can in fact normalize blood pressure.

Highest Potassium Food List

1 medium baked potato with skin 925 mg potassium

1 medium baked sweet potato with skin 450 mg

1 banana 425 mg

half cup pinto beans 400 mg

half a papaya 390 mg

half cup lentils 365 mg

1 cup milk 350 mg

1 mango 325 mg

3 oz salmon 319 mg

1 cup soy milk 300 mg

1 tablespoon molasses 295 mg

1 raw tomato 290 mg

1/2 cup mushrooms 280 mg

1/4 cup raisins 270 mg

6 oz yogurt 260 mg

1/2 cup brussels sprouts 250 mg

1/4 avocado 245 mg

1 orange 240 mg

1/4 cup sunflower seed 240 mg

1/2 cup orange juice 235 mg

1/2 cup broccoli 230 mg

1/2 cp cooked zucchini 220 mg

2 tablespoons peanut butter 210 mg

1 oz cashews or almond or peanuts 200 mg

1/2 cup chopped cantaloupe or honeydew melon 200 mg

1 pear 200 mg

Weight loss using Essential Oils, plus a diet high in potassium-rich fruits and vegetables, is fast, and can be achieved in a matter of weeks, especially if combined with The Candida Diet, neither of which are a calorie restricted diet.

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