Home Remedies For Snoring

“My darling, I love having you sleep next to me, but I cannot sleep, with you snoring all night. I end up staring at the moon all night…”


imagesCAD0IZEPSound familiar? Yes, we have all tried earplugs, but really, why should you have to sleep with those uncomfortable pieces of gunk in your ears?

I bought my boyfriend every type of snoring remedy, only to find that there was still a growling bear in my bed!

To add insult to injury, he assured me that he did not snore. This helped a lot. So I recorded him during one of his finest snoring performances.


Natural Remedies For Snoring

Many arguments later…I read about Tea Tree Essential Oil. The article explained why snoring remedies don’t work – the cause of the snore is not addressed:


naslApparently, most cases of snoring are caused by a nasal passage reaction, to environmental toxins or allergens. Toxins and allergens can be anything from pollens to paint fumes, or bacteria to mold.

The nasal passages then produce thick mucus, usually unnoticed, in an attempt to protect the nasal passages, from the toxins or allergens.

Breathing with this thick mucus in your nasal passages, produces the snoring sounds we have come to know.

Tea Tree Essential Oil neutralizes many strains of bacteria, fungi, spores, toxins, allergens, and even viruses.


How To Get Rid Of Snoring

How to apply Tea Tree to the nasal passages:

Option 1 – for sensitive skin

Place 9 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil, in 1 oz / 30 ml of water. Shake. This is your anti-snore solution.

Place your finger in this solution, then place this finger inside the nostrils, coating well.


Option 2 – for average skin sensitivity

q tip


Take a q-tip and wet the tip.

Place one drop of Tea Tree on the tip.

Re-wet the tip, so that the Tea Tree Essential Oil concentrate is thoroughly diluted.

Then: Insert q-tip inside nostril.

Gently lead it as far back as it can go.

Hold for a few seconds.

Repeat in other nostril.


Snorer must do Option 1 or Option 2,  just before going to sleep.

PRECAUTION: If it stings mildly for a few seconds, that’s normal.

If it stings unbearably, then you did not dilute the q-tip sufficiently. The antidote to stinging, is milk.


How To Cure Snoring

Did it work?

Yes, oh glorious yes, he no longer snores.

Now I no longer feel like a zombie, the next morning.

I discovered that the effects of sleep deprivation, caused by consistently being woken up by a snorer are as follows:

Home Remedies For Snoring


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