Is There a Healthy Crash Diet?

instant weight lossPeople are tempted to crash diet, and practically starve themselves, during the week leading up to a big event.
The problem is, not much fat can be lost in one week.
Removing water retention, however, can cause dramatic weight loss, within one or two weeks.

Here’s a miraculous water weight loss plan which you can easily follow. This is what you must cut out from your diet:

1. Excess salt – anything over one teaspoon per day (including salt within packaged and canned foods) is enough to cause water retention. Each cell in your body contains a potassium to sodium balance. When the sodium content is too high, the cells retain water!
Note that packaged and canned foods normally use the word ‘sodium’, instead of salt. One teaspoon of salt is equal to 2,000 mg of sodium. One of the top changes you can make, regarding how to get rid of water retention, is to reduce your salt intake.

2. Preservatives in food and drinks are a major contributor to water retention, because the body’s cells try to protect themselves, by retaining water around each cell.

3. Medication and drug use – are often viewed by the body, as a toxin, so the cells retain water to protect themselves. Never stop taking essential medication, but you can lay off those sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and recreational drugs.

4. Alcohol – is the type of diuretic, which causes the body to become dehydrated, which in turn causes the body to hold onto water. Save the drinking for your event day!
Also, the type of sugars in found in alcohol, cause you to bloat in the abdominal area.

5. Fruit and veggies – Another quick way to shed excess water pounds, is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. The perfect balance of minerals and trace elements in these foods, causes them to be a natural, healthy diuretic.
However, in 2016, EWG published a list of the most heavily pesticide sprayed foods, from data they accumulated from the FDA’s extensive testing. They called this list, ‘The Dirty Dozen.’

The conclusion was that the following produce must only be eaten organic, or else, you will be seriously endangering your health. Here they are, in order, worst first:

strawberries, apples, nectarines, peaches, celery, grapes, cherries, spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers.

Other than endangering your health, pesticides are a major poison, and as stated, the body retains water around its cells, to shield them from poisons.

So, load up on fruit and veggies, but ensure that the above 12 are only eaten organic!

6. Tap water – Fluoride, in tap water, is only slightly less toxic than arsenic. Scientifically published research shows that a build-up of fluoride in the body, leads to water retention, and worse, as the body tries to protect its cells.

Water is not a diet food, unless it is purified, or unless it is spring water from a verified, pure source. No matter how much your local Water Department claims purity of the local water supply, the sad fact is that thousands of toxins, carcinogens, obesogens, fungi, chemicals, and heavy metals are in your tap water, if you live in a civilized, first world country. All these toxins cause the body to retain water!

Other than lowering your sodium intake, a crafty way to outwit your cells, is to eat foods that are extremely high in potassium, because this causes the cells to let go of sodium, thus reducing water retention, and consequently, reducing excess weight. A full list of the foods that are highest in potassium, is found on this page.

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