My Toddler won’t go to Bed

toddler insomniaToddlers never really want to go to bed, because they have so much energy and curiosity. But moms know that toddlers need about 14 hours of sleep per night, for healthy growth. So what are the top tips for ensuring that your little one goes to bed, and stays in bed?



Tire them out!

This may seem unnecessary, since they have been jumping up and down all day. But often, what may look energetic to us, is not really utilizing that much energy, for a kid. Top exercise for tiring kids out are:


mother-and-toddler-yoga1) Toddler yoga – this works the opposite way, in that rather than exhaust their energy, they are learning techniques of winding down, deep breathing, and true relaxation.


2) Create a fun exercise ‘gym‘ session, “just like daddy does”, with toddler free weights, kid exercise bands, and enough reps to tire them out.


3) Swimming laps – you figure out how many laps it takes to exhaust them!


Massage them!

If your child associates sleep time with being massaged, they will want to have bedtime, as every child adores being massaged. Not only is it relaxing, but it also makes the child feel loved by their parent, in an incredibly special way. This in turn, allows the toddler to sleep better, knowing that they are loved.
This is a sleep formula you can blend at home, that acts as a natural sedative, without any harmful side effects.
lavender for toddler insomniaLavender Essential Oil is made from steam distilled flowers, and contains over 200 natural phyto-chemicals, which work similarly to skin patches, in that they penetrate the skin. They perform similarly to drugs, in the way that they alter the body’s own chemicals, once in the bloodstream.

Trans-dermal or skin patches have been around for decades. The first one ever used, for menopausal symptoms, was so famous that it became known as ‘The Patch.’ The way it worked was that by sticking the patch on your skin, over your ovary areas, you were allowing hormones to pass through your skin, into your bloodstream.

Since then, many patches have come onto the market, from migraine patches to tobacco patches. Recently, the FDA approved a caffeine patch, which allows caffeine to be absorbed by the body, over a period of four hours.

Think of Lavender as your ‘sleep patch’. All you have to do, is mix up this simple cream, then slowly rub it onto your toddler’s body. If they giggle and squirm, make your movements firmer, and slower.


Toddler’s Sleep Formula


2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil, added to

1 oz Shea Body Butter

Stir thoroughly, for several minutes, using a knife.

Rub the formula over your toddler’s back, in slow circular movements, for several minutes.

Then rub the formula over their stomach, in slow circular movements, for several minutes.

imagesCAD0IZEPLastly, massage the formula into their hands, very slowly.

Allow up to 30 minutes for the formula to sink in, and take effect.

This should allow your toddler to sleep through the night, and have sweet dreams.


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