How to get rid of under-eye bags and dark circles fast

Everyone has heard of placing freshly sliced cucumbers over your eyes, to reduce puffiness and under-eye circles. But somehow, the cucumber slices never quite contour to the shape of your eyes, and end up ‘floating’ on one tiny eyelid area!

Garden of Essences ‘Organic Cucumber Gel’, is pressed from organically grown, farm fresh cucumbers. 
The Cucumber Gel is extracted from Cucumber Seeds (Cucumis Sativus), producing a gel that is a naturally pale green color, with a light crisp aroma of cucumbers.

Full Ingredients: 100% Organic Cucumber Gel. Chemical free. No additives.

This toxin free, cooling gel, is one of the few products I have found, in all my 15 years as an Aesthetician, that actually works to reduce puffiness and circles. 
It makes sense that you should use a chemical free eye product, since one of the main causes of under-eye circles, is toxic build up!
Using Cucumber Gel, feels like you have cooling cucumbers over your eyes, and gets to work reducing puffiness right away. Its Vitamin C and caffeic content, help to reduce the swelling of puffy eye bags.
Organic Cucumber Gel also instantly cools and soothes puffy eyes, creating refreshing relief to the skin, by reducing inflammation, and, consequently, under-eye circles.
For an extra anti-inflammatory effect, place Cucumber Gel in the fridge, for at least an hour, then apply to eye area for a super refreshing and cooling sensation!
Organic Cucumber Gel is one of the few eye products on the market, that can be used all the way up to the edge of the eye, without causing any eye irritation, (which in turn causes more puffiness and circles).
Another cause of under-eye circles is weakened collagen, which includes the collagen that comprises the small eye veins. If the eye veins are constricted, toxins cannot freely be removed, and this can cause a darkened skin appearance, under the eyes.
Organic Cucumber Gel contains the four S’s – silicon, silica, sulfur, and sterols, all of which powerfully restructure the skin tissues and collagen.
Thanks to rare minerals, flavonoids, and polyphenol antioxidants, found in Organic Cucumber Gel, a powerful anti-inflammatory effect works to shrink eye bags.

How Does Cucumber Gel Work?

 There are two main causes of under-eye circles:
1) Swelling and puffiness create eye ‘shadows’, which give the appearance of dark ‘circles’.
Remedy: Cucumber Gel reduces swelling, thus reducing dark shadows.
2) Body toxins pool in narrow eye veins, due to poor blood circulation, as water retention presses on the veins. Consequently, blood that is not oxygenated, collects in the eye area, creating that dark skinned appearance, because blood lacking in oxygen is blue in color.
Remedy: Cucumber Gel is anti-inflammatory, thus improving blood circulation.
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