Top DIY Remedies for Dry Body Skin

If you apply moisturizer, but your dry skin remains dull and lined, it may be because 99% of moisturizers:

a) lack sufficient quantities of ‘active’, natural ingredients.

b) contain mostly chemicals, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and colorants.

The following is a powerful skin rejuvenator, because it is made up entirely of Seed Extracts:


What are seeds? Seeds contain the DNA or genetic blueprint material, required to produce an entire plant. As such, they are packed full of amino acid proteins / enzymes / essential fatty acids / natural vitamins and minerals / cell-building materials. All of these wonderful elements are imparted to your dry skin, and your tissue structure is rejuvenated.


Body Oil Recipe for Extremely Dry Skin


Blend the following Seed Oils in equal quantities:

Pomegranate Seed Carrier Oil

Cherry Kernel Carrier Oil

Peach Kernel Carrier Oil

Rosehip Seed Carrier Oil

Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil


After a bath or shower, spread over entire body.


ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK: Do an all over exfoliation on your dry skin areas, using fine sea salt. This removes dead skin cells, which block the absorption of the oils. Never use ‘table salt’ or ‘salt’, as this is made from synthetic sodium, which dries the skin.

Rinse off the sea salt, then apply the Seed Oil, above.

Expect to say goodbye to dry skin, and to see velvet skin that looks revived and glowing.


Anti-aging Body Treatments – real or fake?

I have owned Spas in both a five star hotel and a large gym, so I should know, by now, if anti-aging body treatments are real or hype.
Additionally, I have trained extensively in Spa treatments, and Lectured on this subject, for many years, so why do I hesitate in saying that anti-aging body treatments are the real deal?
The answer is, that many Spas offer treatments which have no benefit to dry skin, and yet, other Spas create remarkable rejuvenation treatments, which make your skin look ten years younger in just one session.

What is a real anti-aging treatment?

Spas will try to sell you treatments by listing the benefits as:
  • stress reducing
  • detoxifying
  • increasing circulation
All the above, are supposedly techniques with the end result of smoothing and softening dry skin.
The problem is, it takes more than an hour, to affect the skin, via the above benefits.  It takes a lifestyle involving stress reduction, detoxification, and circulation enhancement, in order to see results reflected in the skin.
That said, dry skin can receive treatments which will make it appear younger, almost instantly. Among such treatments are:
  • exfoliation, with substances which are truly abrasive, such as fine sea salt, which removes dead skin cells, which block the absorption of the oils you will be applying.


  • applying cold pressed oils, such as watermelon oil, kiwi oil, or cherry oil, which have high emollient properties, coupled with rich antioxidant capabilities.


  • infusing the above oils with essential oils high in emollient and antioxidant properties, such as frankincense, sandalwood, and rose.


  • wrapping the body in thin plastic, like cling wrap, for ten minutes, which forces the oils deep into the dermal layers.


 Which body treatments waste your time?

  • Wrapping the body in seaweed or banana leaves, without first exfoliating the skin, will cause most of the benefits of the wraps, to be lost.


  • Applying oils which are not cold pressed. Oils extracted through cold pressed methods, do not employ the use of solvent, hexane or alcohol extraction. Cold pressed oils have not been processed through heat intensive hydraulic extraction, as these methods produce unhealthy oils, that lack the qualities we require for skin rejuvenation and health.


  • Using ‘nature identical oils’ or ‘fragrance oils’ not only lack the hundreds of phytonutrients found in essential oils, but actively harm the skin, due to their synthetic, chemical composition.


Anti-aging body Treatments Preludes

In order to increase the absorption of the cold pressed oils infused with essential oils, take a 15 minute sauna. This will:
  • open the pores, allowing the oils to penetrate even more deeply.
  • bring the blood to the surface of the skin, as it is the blood which receives the oils, and distributes them deeply, throughout the skin systems.

Dry skin can definitely be conquered, if you regularly give yourself the spa treatment.


The Latest Trends in Spa Treatments


Give yourself a skin makeover, by treating yourself to a Spa Retreat. A good spa gets the concept of layering, which means that each step of the treatment, enhances the next step.

Anti-aging body treatments, which eliminate dry, flakey skin, and create calmness, and centredness, may come in the following forms:
  • rhassoul clay is sourced from the only known deposit in the world, located along the Middle Atlas – it tightens, purifies and firms the body.


  • coconut oil treehouse massages, are given in the serene setting of a faux tree cabana, with warm coconut oil.


  • volcanic mud wraps by a waterfall, allow you to be immersed in a stunningly peaceful environment, while absorbing the rare minerals.


  • the Kinan Ritual, wraps you in heated, herb-infused sheets, then scrubs you with local honey and salt. You are then massaged by two therapists, that is, four hands will be massaging you.


  • mixology bars allow you to choose your own ingredients from a selection that may include a variety of exotic clays, sugar cane, beach sand, seawater and volcanic grinds. This way, you can custom design your own scrub /  wrap / massage combination. 


  • detox treatments now include seaweed wraps from oceans certified as pollution-free, banana wraps, pineapple enzymes, and kava root extract.
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