How To Get Rid Of Rashes

Rashes are characterized by reddish bumps, whereas eczema can be scaly, flaky, blistery, or even crack.

Both can be itchy, so before exploring the different causes, lets take a look at some soothing natural cures for rashes.


Home Remedies For Rashes

Choose one or two of the following homemade remedies for rashes:


  1.  Blend 30 drops Lavender Essential Oil, into 4 oz Shea Body Butter.

Shake before use.

Apply to rash several times a day.


2.  Our Organic Aloe Shea Whipped Cream Body Butter, is extremely calming, soothing, and anti-inflammatory.How To Get Rid Of Rashes

Apply this to the area as often as you like.


3.  Blend 30 drops Lavender Essential Oil, into 4 oz Hemp Seed Body Butter. Stir the drops thoroughly into the butter, using a knife, for several minutes.

Apply to rash several times a day.


Natural Remedies For Rashes

It is better to use a natural remedy for a rash, such as those mentioned above, because medications often aggravate the condition. Internally administered drugs, weaken the immune system, thereby making it harder for the body to fight the rash, in the long term. Externally administered medicinal creams, contain chemicals, which can also worsen the rash, in the long term, and weaken the skin’s immunity.


Causes of Rashes

1. One of the primary causes of a rash, is the overwhelming amount of chemicals that touch our skin, on a daily basis. These chemicals are found in facial and body products, hair conditioners, shampoos, detergents, perfumes, air fresheners, mosquito sprays, and many other products.

Try to lessen your exposure to the above commercially made, chemical-laden products, and switch to all natural versions of each.

2. If you suspect the cause of your rash is fungal, apply one drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil directly to the skin, and spread it, by adding water to your skin.

3. Contact with certain plants, while gardening, can cause red bumps of all shapes and sizes. If you suspect this is the cause, wear long gloves and long sleeve shirts, while gardening.


Homemade Remedy For Rashes

Once you have made your homemade remedy, don’t forget to label it. Once your rash has healed, you can keep the homemade cream for one or two years, as essential oils are a natural preservative, and shea butter does not go bad, for a long time.

If you don’t feel like making your own homemade cures, you can buy our ready made, all natural anti-inflammatory Body Butters:

Chamomile Body Butter

Lavender Body Butter

These are both ultra soothing to rashes, and heal the skin rapidly.


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