Natural Remedies For Psoriasis

While it is not our purpose to diagnose or treat, the following oils have been found to alleviate psoriasis, in a variety of ways.

Twice daily application, for at least 4 weeks, will be needed, in order to determine whether these oils have taken effect.

Relief may be experienced within a few days.

2 oz Apple Seed Carrier Oil

2 oz Blackberry Seed Carrier Oil

2 oz Argan Carrier Oil

2 oz Plum Kernel Carrier Oil

Add 60 drops of Juniper Berry Essential Oil, to the above Blend of 8 ounces of Carrier Oils.

Shake for 10 seconds before use.

In addition, use several times a day: Organic Aloe Shea Whipped Cream Body Butter.

This can be alternated with Hemp Seed Oil (Organic, Unrefined, Cold Pressed.)

Dietary changes may vastly decrease the psoriasis. Read ‘The Candida Diet‘, for a life changing experience.

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