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I was honored to have been featured on kinkly.com, in which I was quoted as follows:


“I have given 10,000 hours of massages, during my career as a massage therapist. This has given me several epiphanies, one of which is that intimacy is not about sex. Intimacy is all about touch.

Many people feel pressured to increase intimacy on Valentine’s Day, because its supposed to be the “romantic” day. So they buy roses and chocolates and gift cards, and do a special dinner, only to find that intimacy has not been increased by doing these things.

The reason that intimacy has not been increased, is that intimacy is about how you look at your partner, and about how you touch them.

Massage is the ultimate way to increase both of these. While massaging your partner, watch their face, frequently, to get feedback about what’s working for them. It is easy to “read” pleasure. If you see pleasure on their face, then keep doing more of that.

Listen for sighs of relief, or “that feels good, yes, right there”, and keep doing that.

Much intimacy is lost when couples stop “reading” each other. This becomes magnified when making love: If you lose eye contact for too long, or if you don’t “listen,” then you will be out of touch, with what your partner really enjoys.

Janice Rosenthal, Massage Therapist and owner of Garden of Essences


We can all benefit from sexual enhancement techniques. First, you can make a homemade oil to enhance sexual performance. Next, you need some wonderful massage moves, which will enhance things even further.



7 drops Peppermint Essential Oil.

2 oz Argan Carrier Oil

Blend the Essential Oil into the Carrier Oil, by shaking the bottle for 10 seconds, before use.

Apply directly to genital areas.


If you prefer, use our ready-made Shea Summer Mint Body Butter, as this has already been expertly blended.


sexual enhancement chest massage


The following oils enhance the sexual response, when applied in massage movements, over the thigh and chest areas.

Guys – when massaging over her breasts: use the lightest pressure, as there are glands in the breasts, and if they are pressed, it is painful.)

When massaging over the thighs: use a medium pressure, to avoid tickling. Movements should go in the direction of the genital areas.

Sexual Enhancement Oil for Men

15 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

15 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Drop the Essential Oil drops into 4 oz of Hemp Seed Carrier Oil. Shake for a few seconds, before use.


Sexual Enhancement Oil for Women

30 drops Rose Essential Oil

Blend into 4 oz of Rosehip Carrier Oil

Drop the Essential Oil drops into 4 oz of Carrier Oil. Shake for a few seconds, before use.



Treat your partner to a special Birthday, Anniversary, or Valentine’s Day Chocolate Massage.

Apply Coffee Chocolate Body Butter to your partner’s chest, upper arms, and shoulders.


Place both your hands at the center of your partner’s chest. Your hands should fit just below the collarbone.

1) Use slow, firm, sweeping movements, from the center of the chest, over the upper arms, under the shoulders, and up the back of the neck, (taking care to avoid the spinal area of the neck.) Repeat 4 times.

2) Follow the same pathway, but instead, use circular movements.

Repeat 4 times.


Repeat the above movements 1 and 2, several times, for about 15 minutes, but each time, vary the pressure, and size of the sweeps and circles.

Inhaling the delightful aroma of real chocolate, combined with your special massage techniques, will create a sensual sense of well-being in your partner.


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